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Behind West Jutland's Stauning Whisky distillery lies a great love for quality, and the will to do things right. These values also apply to the way they clean.

"A specialised product like ours requires a specialised cleaning solution - and Nilfisk delivered," says Stauning co-founder Henning Svoldgaard.


Quality first

Britannia Hotel Group operates in every major UK city. With over 10,000 bedrooms across 53 hotels, and a variety of guest-accessible facilities, keeping properties spotless is critical - and complicated.

After a thorough evaluation, Nilfisk was chosen as the company's sole provider for cleaning solutions, and is proud to help Britannia clean more efficiently, and effectively, every day.


Reduce cleaning time

A 30,000 sqft bakery and food-production facility is no easy environment to keep clean. Facing a host of challenges to ensuring compliance with FDA and OSHA regulations, Amy's Bread needed an easy, cost-effective cleaning system that could get the job done.

Nilfisk answered with a floor-to-ceiling solution that dramatically boosted the speed and effectiveness of the New York staple's cleaning operation.

“It’s easier and 4 times faster to clean thoroughly with Nilfisk equipment.” Jessica Blank, Facilities Manager