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Make it a clean sweep with Nilfisk’s range of scrubber dryers and sweepers. Our highly efficient ride-on and walk-behind solutions make quick work of dust, dirt, and debris for your fastest clean yet.

Scrubber dryers & sweepers


This reliable and compact scrubber dryer offers a new standard in daily cleaning performance & manoeuvrability. The unique rotating deck and 27 kg brush pressure enable it to clean both forwards and backwards reaching even the most inaccessible places.

  • Maximum run time up to 70 minutes
  • 370mm cleaning width

Watch the SC351 in action

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The SC500 is designed to improve productivity & drive down your total cleaning costs. It is easy to use & the low noise level enables daytime cleaning. The automatic solution flow is controlled by speed to ensure consistent cleaning results & optimisation of water/detergent.

  • 530mm scrubbing width
  • Maximum run time 5 hours

Watch the SC500 in action

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The SC2000 offers the productivity of a ride-on with the footprint of a walk-behind. It is easily monoeuvrable even in narrow spaces thanks to its compact dimensions and the silent mode function enables cleaning in sound sensitive areas & during the day.

  • 530mm scrubbing width
  • Maximum run time 4 hours

This best in class combination machine delivers unparalleled performance while replacing power hungry hydraulic systems with efficient state-of-the-art Electric Drive Technology. This reduces the total cost of ownership, including operation, labour and maintenance, while effectively increasing fuel economy and runtime efficiency.

  • Sweep, scrub and dry in one pass
  • Available in LPG-Hybrid, Diesel-Hybrid & ePower Battery versions

Keep it clean

Work smarter, not harder. Our experts share their tips on how to improve the effectiveness of your cleaning process, however complex your needs.

Stay in the know

When choosing a new scrubber, sweeper, or hybrid, consider a) how many square metres you need to clean and b) how quickly you want to do it. 

Aim for 2-in-1

Top-grade scrubbers have a vacuum motor positioned behind the scrub deck, a squeegee for cleaning up water, and a vacuum to clean/dry/dust – all in a single pass. That’s two jobs finished in one job’s time.

Pick the right pads

Match the pads to the surface: the wrong pads can cause damage, while the right pads will ensure a quicker, easier clean. Diamond pads are even more effective.

Time saving

At the touch of a button, Nilfisk’s advanced Ecoflex system offers five different programs, with options that control water and detergent use for different levels of clean, and a high-pressure scrub option for heavily soiled surfaces.

Industry insights

Tips and tricks to make your cleaning more effective today