Cleaning effectively in Agriculture

Save time on cleaning. Whether you need a high-pressure washer to clean machinery, an ATEX certified vacuum for collecting grain or a scrubber dryer to keep food-production areas compliant with hygiene regulations, Nilfisk gets you cleaner, faster.

The farmer’s tool of choice

Versatile and highly effective, with the ability to disperse detergents or disinfectants wherever needed, a Nilfisk high-pressure washer is the farmer’s tool of choice. It is ideal for keeping vehicles and facilities clean while minimising resource consumption. And since light pressure-washing is gentler than manual clipping, our solutions can also help keep livestock clean prior to market, shows, or transport.

Certified safety

Hazardous dusts can be present in agricultural environments, we supply a range of L-M-H dust class vacuums and ATEX certified explosion proof vacuums. Unlike standard vacuums, our ATEX-certified products come with Nilfisk AntiStatic systems designed to prevent the ignition of any flammable materials, such as grain. For health and safety reasons and to ensure you are complying with regulations, we recommend you conduct a thorough risk-assessment and contact a trusted dealer to arrange a site-survey and equipment demonstration.

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A specialised product like ours requires a specialised cleaning solution - and Nilfisk delivered.

Henning Svoldgaard, Stauning co-founder

Unique solutions


Behind West Jutland's Stauning Whisky distillery lies a great love for quality, and the will to do things right. These values also apply to the way they clean.