Nilfisk Golden Ticket Giveaway

Make sure to check inside your machine box. 1000's of prizes to be won!

Eligible Machines:

Please see below for a list of qualifying machines. Be sure to check between the delivery notes and inside the box of each machine to see if you're a winner. Good luck!

Vacuum Cleaners - VP300, VP600, VL100, VU500

Scrubber Dryers - SC100, SC250, SC351, SC430, SC530, SC500, SC651, SC2000 

Industrial Pressure Washers - MC 3C, MC 4M, MH4, MH5, SH Truck


How to redeem your golden ticket

1. Post a picture on either Facebook, Twitter or Instagram holding your winning golden ticket and tag @nilfiskukie with the #nilfiskwinner

2. Send your next order to with an attached image of the golden ticket that clearly shows its unique ticket number and terms and conditions on the reverse side to qualify.*

3. Sit back and save money!


Terms and conditions apply* Value on a golden ticket is based on the machine purchase price. Various denominations available (values deduct the same amount in UK & Ireland in their respective currencies, e.g. Ticket value 100 will either deduct £100 / €100). Tickets must be redeemed by the 30th June 2020. All information must be completed to validate a claim and submitted with a purchase order. Nilfisk reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any time without notice. Offer only open to Nilfisk account holders as a Nilfisk account number is required when redeeming all tickets.

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