Cleaning effectively in Building & Construction

Effective cleaning starts with Nilfisk. High-efficiency Nilfisk solutions clear up dust, dirt, and debris for a quick and spotless clean – no matter how tight your project timeline. Designed to meet or exceed European safety regulations, our vacuums handle hazardous quickly to keep your projects on track. 

Protect people

Our solutions tackle on-site challenges quickly, clearing the way for optimal productivity. A safety-classified Nilfisk vacuum cleaner enables the removal of various particle types, from house dust all the way to asbestos and other highly hazardous substances. 


The professional's choice

Nilfisk solutions have a simple purpose: clean better in less time, and leave the site ready for delivery. 

Our heavy-duty industrial equipment is supplied with specialized filters and robust bags that can tackle the most hazardous particle waste with ease, even in the hottest and most challenging environments.

Powered by Nilfisk

A specialized product like ours requires a specialized cleaning solution - and Nilfisk delivered.

Henning Svoldgaard, Stauning co-founder

Unique solutions

Thousands of businesses around the world use Nilfisk every day to boost their cleaning efficiency.

Behind West Jutland's Stauning Whisky distillery lies a great love for quality, and the will to do things right. These values also apply to the way they clean.