Cleaning effectively in Agriculture

Save time on cleaning. Whether you need a high-pressure washer to hose down your tractor, or super-efficient scrubber dryers to keep food-production areas compliant with hygiene regulations, Nilfisk gets you cleaner, faster.

The farmer’s tool of choice

Versatile and highly effective, with the ability to disperse detergents or disinfectants wherever needed, a Nilfisk high-pressure washer is the farmer’s tool of choice. It is ideal for keeping vehicles and facilities clean while minimizing resource consumption. And since light pressure-washing is gentler than manual clipping, our solutions can also help keep livestock clean prior to market, shows, or transport.

Redefining standards

Nilfisk sweepers are available as ride-on or walk-behind models and make quick work of a variety of hygiene concerns. Hazardous dust can also be an issue in agricultural environments, so we supply a range of filters and machines to help you meet all regulatory requirements. For the best results, conduct a thorough risk-assessment - dust from some crops is highly explosive - and contact a trusted dealer to arrange a site-survey and equipment demonstration.

Powered by Nilfisk

A specialized product like ours requires a specialized cleaning solution - and Nilfisk delivered.

Henning Svoldgaard, Stauning co-founder

Unique solutions

Thousands of businesses around the world use Nilfisk every day to boost their cleaning efficiency.

Behind West Jutland's Stauning Whisky distillery lies a great love for quality, and the will to do things right. These values also apply to the way they clean.