Cleaning effectively in Automotive

Effective cleaning starts with Nilfisk. When it comes to automotive cleaning, we understand your need for speed. For high-performance cleaning in showrooms and workshops, Nilfisk is the fastest route to clean.

Professionally clean

Whether you run a garage, repair center, or showroom, cleanliness matters. A professional level of clean makes the right impression every time, and hygienic environments keep personnel performing at their best. Nilfisk solutions also support your sustainability goals, with smart ergonomics ensure highly efficient, highly effective cleaning - which means more uptime, and a better bottom line.

Smarter solutions

Greasy dirt can be stubborn, but Nilfisk equipment takes care of the toughest challenges in seconds. Whether you're working with a pressure-washer, sweeper, or scrubber dryers, our solutions make cleaning easy with a wide range of accessories that help you give full attention to every detail, so you can deliver impressive results to your customers.

Powered by Nilfisk

A specialized product like ours requires a specialized cleaning solution - and Nilfisk delivered.

Henning Svoldgaard, Stauning co-founder

Unique solutions

Thousands of businesses around the world use Nilfisk every day to boost their cleaning efficiency.

Behind West Jutland's Stauning Whisky distillery lies a great love for quality, and the will to do things right. These values also apply to the way they clean.