White Paper - Connecting To The Future

Lighting and heating that automatically turns on and off in buildings. Manufacturing plants connected to each other with collective spare parts management. Water pipelines that tell utility companies where the leak is. These are just a few examples of what a future driven by the Internet of Things (IoT) looks like.

The footprint of IoT (Internet of Things) is expanding rapidly these days. Within the professional cleaning industry, IoT is enabling a whole new era of ‘connected cleaning’.

With connected cleaning, we will see cleaning solutions that communicate with each other and with other systems in a building, adapt cleaning schedules to the weather, send performance reports in real time and notify us when maintenance is needed.

In this White Paper, we share our reflections on the development of connected cleaning, reflect on the barriers to growth, and touch upon the potential benefits when it comes to lower operational costs and enhanced productivity.

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- How IoT impacts professional cleaning
- Key benefits of connected cleaning
- Learnings from other industries
- Future perspectives

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