Meet Nilfisk's Mini Industrial Vacuums
Maximum performance, safety and flexibility. Minimum footprint

Simply a versatile powerhouse

Don’t let their size fool you. Our new range of Mini Industrial Vacuums has your needs built in.

Nilfisk’s new Mini Industrial Vacuums pack a punch. All the power, safety, and durability you find in our larger vacs, only with a smaller, more flexible footprint. The range consists of four distinct models suitable for industries with specific needs and overwhelming challenges, such as Food, Iron & Metal, Pharma, and Manufacturing. Of course, they match any required level of safety needs for hazardous, combustible, and conductive dust, securing a safe, dust-free environment. But don’t take our word for it – all our vacs are 3rd-party certified to comply with global safety regulations (ATEX, ACD, CIIDII, L-H class)


Mini, Mighty, More

With our Mini Industrial Vacuums, expect no less than a perfect blend of safety, affordability, and unparalleled suction capability. Also:

  • The Nilfisk Mini industrial vacuums adapt to unique cleaning needs either as a standalone or complementing larger vacuums. 
  • Each machine can be completed with various accessories for selected applications. 
  • Their highly mobile chassis makes Nilfisk Mini Industrial Vacuums ideal for spot cleaning and moving between departments. Also, the compact design enables effective cleaning in even the most hard-to-reach areas.

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